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Recent Podcast about mom relationships "Conscious Connections":  Here's the link:

Hatha, Vinyasa  Flow,  Kundalini, Restore with Gentle Yoga & Mindful Meditation Teacher
Sat Nam Rasayan® / Reiki Energy (ancient arts' techniques to relax).

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 No Monday classes on September 3rd. 

Fall in Love Workshop: October 21st @ Naturally Yoga. Click here for more info

No matter the issues we face, each being has their individual uniqueness that’s meant to be of service. You were born to be a vessel of peace in the midst of commotion and emotion. No one can ever take that divine intention away.

As a yogi whisperer, I bring silence to my voice and open my ears so that you have my undivided attention. I’m here with a purpose to say I know what it feels like to be crushed with humiliation, and to be in physical and emotional pain.  There's no coincidence that we're meeting here for "Conscious Connections".

I wasn’t always aware of how to fuel my own energy, and there were times, I only looked outside myself to a materialistic world. I've always been highly sensitive to others needs so being a friend, wife, and mom came very natural for me however in my early years, I had no concept about self-love and awareness practices. As I’ve grown spiritually grounded, I now strive to make a difference by nurturing the truest version of myself. This action guides me to help others relax and lead a simpler, yet enriched, life. My most precious family continues to expand as extend my heart to welcome in each of you..​ read more 


"I have Marla to thank for introducing me to the practice of Kundalini. Each class and workshop she instructs takes you on a journey like no other. You leave feeling refreshed and renewed, ready to welcome and take in what life brings. After each session, you always look forward to her future programs!”  -Maral Varjabedyan (read more)

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One of my favorite Quotes:

"Just one positive thought in the morning can change your day"

                                          - Dalai Lama

Yogi Whisperer. Guides new yoga teachers to form a true business. For more info, click on the

 "Conscious Connections Course".